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It has been in continuous operation since 1995 and has over 35,000 league participants annually in the Tampa Bay area. Club Sport is a great way to stay active and meet new people. Club Sport is made up of mainly young, active professionals looking to get out and enjoy some friendly competition or exciting social events. If you are new to the area or just looking to expand your horizons, Club Sport is an excellent, low pressure way to meet some great people.

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This is , a new biweekly podcast hosted by four conservative Christian sex bloggers — all of whom have been married to men for more than two decades, all of whom have grown children — dedicated to exploring “the naked truth about godly sexuality.” Grounded in the belief that a strong Christian marriage includes a mutually satisfying sex life, — whose hosts worship at a mix of Evangelical or Methodist churches — covers topics from sex toys and mismatched libidos to erotica and personal grooming.But more than just talking dirty, the hosts offer something that feels quietly radical, given conservative Christianity’s long, sexist history of teaching women to obey and serve their husbands: a kind of empowerment. But to get frisky she likes two or three glasses of wine because, she says, it shuts up her self-consciousness and resistance and the other things that get in the way. My sober wife doesn’t want to be touched and just wants the deed done as quickly as possible.Maybe more sex therapy could help, but who has time for appointments with three young kids and jobs? Dear Glass, Those are some loaded questions: Is it a problem that your wife has to get intoxicated to enjoy sex with you, or should you be delighted she’s willing to get intoxicated to have sex with you?He gets bored so easily that trying to satisfy him feels like mission impossible.

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Couples (mostly, but not all) in their 30s to 60s are able to escape the limitations of everyday society and embrace the lifestyle they seek, all against the backdrop of the beautiful Yucatán coastline. For the first time in my adult life, I felt incredibly naive and unprepared — and it was pretty hilarious. Most guests coming to resorts like these are generally knowledgeable about what occurs there.

He neglects his responsibilities at home and at work because he is so distracted with watching his dirty little videos.

He has even been caught watching porn and masturbating in his office at work!

How disgustingly humiliating must it have been for the intern who walked in on that???

He tries to hide the extent of it from me, but I know that the reason he is up all night in his study really isn't because his boss has given him another deadline.