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Somewhere in the conversation, I wrestled her phone number from her. I would have to be very patient and charming in my written correspondence with her via the phone.

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Their unique live performances, in which the band members "acted out" the lyrics of their songs, gained them a great amount of followers, as well as a number of prizes on such publications as the Argentine version of the Rolling Stone Magazine, which named them the Revelation Band of 2002.That year they released Es Mentira, their first album which would spawn five singles: "Bailarina," "Imán," "Tu Juego," "Agua" and "Romix." In 2004 Miranda!

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JJ nearly lost her son after a devastating hit and run accident that left him in a coma.

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In an age where individuals and families have so many choices but less and less time, we’ve created a local grocery store where shoppers can get everything they need with hundreds of ways to reduce the money they spend on groceries.

We have deep roots in the Southern communities we’ve served since 1961, and we dedicate everything we do to providing our shoppers in those communities with freshness, variety and unmatched savings.