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If one Joker scores more thumbs down over the course of the episode, they get a punishment." data-reactid="39" has a simple and sound concept to each and every episode: four friends — Murray, Vulcano, Joe Gatto, and Brian “Q” Quinn — challenge each other to perform generally embarrassing stunts and games in public.If one Joker scores more thumbs down over the course of the episode, they get a punishment.Filming was delayed at least a week, and Q was allowed to skip at least one challenge due to health concerns.

They keep score on who can’t fulfill their tasks and then at the end there is a bigger challenge/consequence waiting.Murray was forced to pose nude on a rotating platform for an art class.Quinn was handcuffed to two giant turkey legs and sent out to a speed-dating event as an eligible bachelor.Back in 2043, Cassie wakes up to find that she was shot in 2016, but Cole sent her forward in time (remember? When they try to get Jones to help them, she sets the first person on fire by splintering only part of him. He used to be a kind-of bad guy but now is in a temporary partnership and is responsible for Jones' protection detail.The Messengers figure out how to use the machine without Jones' help and start sending more and more people through time while back in 2016, Cole finds Dr. Cassie diagnoses Deacon with Wilson's disease, which is too much copper in the brain and liver.So, Ramse went back further in time and became one of the architects of the plague.