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If you are going to spend your money it needs to be with the best.

people who can actively pick up women (or men) with ease and say and do all the right things to ensure the date is a success.

My greatest ally with women is clearly not my face – that bugger does me more harm than good – it’s my sense of humor.

: If you want people to find you attractive, gets your eyes off the floor and make as much eye contact as possible.

One of the biggest mistakes people do when diving into dating world is not knowing what they want. Don't go for the "type" of people you usually are attracted to. From my experience, waiting a week or two before meeting in "real life" is optimal.

Physical appearance is somewhat important, but it's NOT what you should base your choice on. In addition, you'll be surprised how some people look 100x better in real life. Let's say you start talking to someone, the conversation flows, you find them attractive, everything is going great... Have fun with it, don't make any plans for your future together, go with the flow. It doesn't matter, because you'll have a good time regardless of the outcome.

Even if your first date went great and you're excited to see that person again, don't tell your friends and/or family anything yet. Stay private until you are certain about the two of you.

If it breaks you, pick yourself up and get back on the horse.

And I’m not that funny, but I’ll say that’ll get them to laugh, no matter how weird or out of line, and once you make them laugh their walls have been broken, they’ll let you in, at least a little, then you’ve just gotta have the confidence to be yourself. Compliment her, sure, but be sure to make her laugh.

We all love getting a compliment as it shows people are noticing things we've made an effort with.

Make the other person genuinely feel that they are the most important person you have met that day. Before you want others to find you attractive, you have to genuinely believe you are, too.