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So we around for a little while longer, then I made my way home to Mr. I got home, took everything off, then got in the shower. Making my way into the bedroom where my husband was waiting for me, I was feeling extremely pleased with myself. Many in my family are military and have been for several generations, so I prefer and respect men who are in the army / air force / marines / navy.
Jordan Thomas drew the pole and Scott Flammer drew the outside pole for the feature event.

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Then Albarn told future Gorillaz projects were "unlikely", but he progressively changed his tune — a year later he said there were plans for an eventual reunion, and then last year claimed "wouldn't mind having another stab at a Gorillaz record"when the band split that it had run its course "for now".

In October, Albarn, otherwise famous for Brit-pop giant Blur, said a Gorillaz album could arrive in 2016.

The profile has since disappeared, perhaps because it was a fake.

Alternatively, OKCupid could have removed it because it does not consider Noodle to be a real person.

The virtual band, hailing from England was created in 1998, and is made up of four (fictional) animated members: 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russel Hobbs.

Murdoch(top left)Born June 6, 1966, Stoke-on-Trent, Bass and Vocals.

The last Gorillaz album, The Fall, was released in 2011 — under the banner of the band's third phase: Escape to Plastic Beach.

Back in 2012, amidst rumours of a falling out between Albarn and Hewllett, it was thought the last of band had been seen.

Left for a while but came back as a stronger force for the second album.

Fact: Was run over by Murdoch and has a dented eye.