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A smaller study sample from a 2007 study looking at “main” and “casual” sexual relations among urban minority adolescent females found that teen girls with “casual” partners and those with a “main” partner had a similar percentage Are there health concerns regarding heterosexual anal intercourse?

Of course – as with all types of sexual activity – there are both emotional and physical pitfalls.

Girls was actually behind the rimming curve, though. “It’s one of the great unspoken truths about gay life,” its creator Russell T Davies told the Telegraph yesterday.

New York magazine ran an article on “butt play” last year, while Gawker heralded a “booty-eating renaissance” and Nicki Minaj’s single “Anaconda” featured a man “toss[ing] salad like his name Romaine”. “Gay culture is seen to be all about anal sex, yet an awful lot of men have a fear of it.” So, too, do many women.

Below is a discussion of the various laws dealing with this subject.

The highlighted age is that at which, or above which, an individual can engage in unfettered sexual relations with another who is also at or above that age.

The Australian-invented implants were designed to treat prolapse and incontinence but caused a global scandal with thousands of patients affected. Then there’s Girls, Lena Dunham’s series that’s more talked about than watched. There’s a great story overleaf about the cost of closing Tube ticket halls. For this is about heterosexual anal sex — and all its accompaniments. As its hero, Eggsy, prepares to foil the genocidal mission of a megalomaniac, he finds an imprisoned Swedish princess. One of the film’s closing shots is her proffering her perky buttocks to an ecstatic Eggsy.People need to be educated about the dangers of anal intercourse, so they can make an informed decision about whether or not to participate in the activity.Heterosexual anal intercourse predominantly impacts the health of young females as compared to young males. Some examples follow: A) A small Guttmacher Institute study (28 women) from 2009 reports that 25% of the women interviewed had been forced into having anal intercourse at least once. In keyboard art, putting Take Kingsman, a spy film that will be in cinemas next week (incoming spoilers). Princess Scandinavian Stereotype says he’ll get more than a kiss: “If you save the world, we can do it in the arsehole.” She’s not suggesting donning a strap-on herself, of course.